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Outdoor Banners


Each banner is printed and finished to your requirements.


  • Weather proof
  • Fade proof
  • Indoor and outdoor use
  • Flame resistant to DIN4102
  • High-quality full-colour print
  • Standard finishing included


Perfect outdoor banners for all weathers

Rain, snow, scorching sun, our exterior, weatherproof, outdoor banners are made for the Great British weather

MaxDisplay’s outdoor banners are designed to deal with the most demanding outdoor weather conditions. They can take anything nature can throw at them!  You can simply hang them up & feel safe in the knowledge that your outdoor banner will resist weather, UV light & general wear and tear. Outdoor banners have a multitude of uses at a variety of events, such as advertising banners, street campaign, event banners, corporate event banners, sporting event banners, birthday banners, party banners, in fact the list has endless possibilities.

You also have choice. Choose from 44gsm or premium 550gsm weights. Both are outdoor banners are for extra strength & durability, the later just more durable and stronger. These Outdoor banners are printed in high resolution with vibrant eco-friendly solvent inks which are waterproof, scratch resistant, fade resistant. Even direct sunlight and high UV will not fade these banners for years to come.

We’ve been printing banners for over 15 years now and over the years we’ve seen our banners used for a multitude of uses such as back drops and corporate hospitality, car show room displays, road signs, event signs, signs just to grab your attention, we have done them all.

Banners have a real benefit

If you’re looking for a type of Outdoor waterproof sign, then vinyl could be the ideal choice. As well as providing a smooth satin surface for crisp and vivid printing, our  vinyl banners are tough, durable, flexible and easy to transport for a range of applications.

Lour  oUtdoor Banners combine strength with quality and functionality to create affordable outside banners which give you that professional, corporate look. They are also flame resistant to DIN4102.

Don’t have  anywhere to fix it? Why not try our Pavement Signs or the smaller Outdoor Poster range.

Note: We recommend, as with all our products that in the event a extreme weather conditions, in this case: winds exceeding 30mph, we recommend that all outdoor banners are taken down. It is often not the banner that is damaged but the securing of the banner that causes damage and loss.

Additional information

Hems & Eyelets

The standard order is with hems and eyelets. The distribution of eyelets is one per metre.
If you require a different distribution or specific placement of eyelets please let us know.

A 50mm+ welded hem, then eyeletted at equal distributions along the hem unless you request otherwise.

Hems Only

A 50mm + welded hem only.


Trimmed to size. We will finish the banner to the trim market supplied on the job.

Trimmed and Eyelets

We will finish the banner to the trim market supplied on the job and apply eyelets one per meter.

Hemmed and eyelets

Hems and Eyelets, Hems only, Trimmed only, Trimmed with eyelets

Outdoor Banners

440gsm PVC 10×2, 440gsm PVC 10×3, 440gsm PVC 10×4, 440gsm PVC 12×2, 440gsm PVC 12×2, 440gsm PVC 12×4, 440gsm PVC 12×5, 440gsm PVC 6×2, 440gsm PVC 6×3, 440gsm PVC 6×4, 440gsm PVC 6×5, 440gsm PVC 6×6, 440gsm PVC 8×2, 440gsm PVC 8×3, 440gsm PVC 8×4

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